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Porcelain dolls are our primary passion and the possibilities are practically endless.
Here you can see a lineup of dolls created by several of our guild member from 2 basic designs,
Allison and Little Lou. These are 2 sculpts of the many the are available to us to choose from when we
begin a doll creation. In time we hope you will come to know and love them all as we do.
Of course you are bound to have your favorites. Allison an Little Lou are all porcelain and 11 inches tall,
a popular size with collectors. We plan to offer special studio editions, artist/designer editions and
one-of-a-kinds as well as custom orders and basic dolls of all the various designs as time goes on.

Sold Out - Little Lou and Dolly Dear - $850
A Limited Edition:   All Porcelain 11 inch Little Lou with her Dolly Dear.  
Small doll made of Air Dry Hearty Clay.  LL's Dress by Sandy Daniels.  

Two more all porcelain dolls by Dianna Effner. This is #7 in an edition of 10. Allison wears a pretty voile dress by Lois Fisher. For her cloche we hand dyed the straw and made the hat using a form from The P and B Doll Company. Itty Bittys dress, hat and shoes were made by my assistant, Geri. Allison is 11 inches tall. "She is one of my personal favorites." D. E.

Sold Out - Allison & Itty Bitty LE 10 - $750

"Here is Little Bit Country..."

Little Bit Country is a porcelain studio doll that was produced in
the studios of a team of members of the Doll Dreamers Guild. She was
made as a souvenir for a United Federation of Doll Clubs luncheon in
2007. A few extras are still available at a bargain price of $395.
As you see she comes with her own made to order miniature guitar.
Except for the guitar she is completely made in American Doll
Studios. There are only a few left so if you would like to own one
of these little treasures don't put off ordering.

Sold Out - Little Bit Country
11" tall w/o her hat - Price $395
Shipping and insurance within the US $10.00
I will email you upon receiving the order. Thanks, D.E.

Four Baby Dolls: Special Artist Offerings.

These four little bisque baby dolls are available now because of a project
I was involved with this past spring and summer. I was trying out some techniques used for
"reborning" on some porcelain baby dolls. Some of the dolls had been painted some
years ago by my assistant and, Geri Uribe. Some of them were made for the project.
The ones that were made painted by Geri and repainted by
myself I decided to call "repaints" The ones that were made and
painted by me, for the project, I will call "reborn."

11" Aaron was taken from the shelf, thoroughly cleaned and treated with a sealer so that I could apply sheer, delicate layers of artists colors to bring up the natural skin tones. I also touched up the eye paint so that it was more like my current way of painting the eyes. Then I applied the mohair "wig," setting the hair, a few strands at a time, into the sealer for a natural baby look. Aaron is a classic baby boy with a new look. His body is cloth weighted with pellets. His bisque head and hands have a new rosy glow with touches of realistic detail. A joy to have and hold.

SOLD! 11" Aaron Repaint $295
Shipping and insurance within the US $10.00
I will email you upon receiving the order. Thanks, D.E.

9" Tiny Boy was also refreshed and repainted like Aaron giving him a lively new look. It's exciting to see these little faces come to life with radiate color. The final touch of soft golden mohair completes the realistic effect. Another timeless treasure.

9" Tiny Repaint $350 - Sold

9" Infant Chelsea was another darling baby brought from the cabinet for a touch up. I added richer flesh tones, new sparkle to the eyes and the fuzzy curly hair. Chelsea is made with bisque head and hands with a cuddly cloth body. She wears a soft cotton knit cuddle suit and hand knit sweater, hat and booties. She comes with here own blanket and toy.

SOLD! 9" Chelsea Repaint $175
Shipping and insurance within the US $10.00
I will email you upon receiving the order. Thanks, D.E.

9" Tiny Girl was made and painted at the time of the project. After the initial work was done in China paint the bisque was sealed so that I could apply the artist colors for more realistic color and detail. Finally the eyes were glazed and the fine mohair applied.

9" Tiny Girl Reborn $350 - Sold

Actually two all porcelain dolls made by Dianna Effner. This is # 9 in an edition of 10, dressed in a
beautiful gay nineties bicycle outfit designed and made by Sandy Daniels. Nicolette is 12 inches tall.

Nicolette & Bebe LE 10 - Sold Out

Precious toddler by Dianna Effner wearing a dress from Dorothea of Germany and
cuddling her little bear Pinky. This doll is #1 in the edition. 11 inches tall.

Pinky 'n Me (LE 4) - Sold Out

This special doll was made as a prototype. She is a porcelain version of Little Darling #2 which was made consequently as a special vinyl edition. There is no commercially available mold for this body. She was painted by Dianna and she wears a petty cotton dress designed and made by Sandy Daniels. Dianna has committed to donate the entire proceeds from the sale of this doll to the World Red Cross toward helping with disaster relief and recuperation in the aftermath of the devastating Earthquake in the Sichuan are of western China. A rare treasure. 12 inches tall.

Our Little Darling (OOAK) $450 - Sold

Please watch for special porcelain dolls from
other team members of the Doll Dreamer's Guild on this site.
Stay tuned for more to Come!

Doll Artist Dianna Effner, along with other members of the Doll Dreamer's Guild invite you
into the studio to show you our porcelain and vinyl dolls.
Many of the dolls shown on this site have been painted and adorned in American studios
by American guild artisans with a sincere committment
to fine craftsmanship and artistic excellence.

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